Welcome to lpproject.co.uk


The site was designed by Pete Wright of Netcentics.co.uk and as you can see, he has retained the old logo and added a new freshness to the whole site as well as added security. To say that I am delighted with his work is an understatement.

 I have been a reviewer, for more than a decade, of events such as  The Fling Festival in Chelmsford, Exit Calm for Metropolis, The Battle of the Bands in Colchester, The Convent in Woodchester and the Sub Rooms in Stroud, to name a few. I travel to gigs with my photographer to see and hear musicians playing in all types of venues and my main emphasis is on the promotion of new and upcoming musicians whether in bands or otherwise, who never seem to get as much recognition as they deserve.

The fee for reviewing a live gig is for my photographer and myself to go on the guest list where possible. For reviewing online, I would ask for a copy of the CD or whatever online format has been used. I have also interviewed musicians before a gig  in the past and then published the interview on my site. Asking  more established bands to offer advice to new and upcoming bands,which could then be published, has also proved to be a popular idea  and is something that I am keen to try again.

So….if this sounds like something you would like to be involved in, please feel free to contact me at lisaparker@lpproject.co.uk