‘The Art of Amputation’ EP by The Art of Amputation-30th April 2014

‘The Art of Amputation’ is a 4 piece band from London comprising Freddy De Lord, Hugh Fox, Allan Harrod, and Mark Hyden who are the latest signing of Ruby Music. They have played at The Garage in Islington and The Shacklewell Arms and have been described as ‘alternative synth soundscapers.’

This debut EP contains all the elements of dream pop, chugging beats that support incisive, existential lyrics occasionally delivered by a falsetto voice and the wail of a guitar that is perfect for adding an angst ridden edge to a song such as ‘Inside Our Glasshouse.’The band are all about texture and mood, creating a setting that allows the listener to become fully immersed in the overall blending of sounds and emotions. The effects in ‘Detroit’add another dimension to the melody and guitar riffs and also cleverly create  a musical connection with ‘Losing The Limb’, the shortest track at just over two minutes which proves that sometimes less is definitely more by distilling the essence of a song into a short space of time. The final track, ‘Scary Noises’, has an insistent driving rhythm that gives way to a gentler sound and repeated lyrics, another excellent commentary.

The tracks all come from live performances and have started to attract attention on radio playlists. More shows and releases are promised over the year.

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