The Soul Collective- 28th January 2013

The Soul Collective are signed to Room 2 Grow which was founded in March 2012. I have listened to a number of tracks which are a blend of soul and hiphop, driven by the voices of Tristan Pennewell and Joe Walton who also write the lyrics.I expected urban grit but instead got a collection of tunes softened by a range of percussion and horns amongst other instruments. Voices meld and complement effortlessly, enhanced by delicate musical touches, catchy rhythms and horns that give a yearning poignancy. The lyrics are clear, revealing a rap commentary that ranges across a range of experiences, particularly of love and beauty. ‘Midnight Murder’is a particularly effective song, simple but powerful and the beautiful ‘Till the end of the Line’ for me encapsulates the skill of perfectly matched vocals and music. The accompanying video is well worth a watch as well.

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