The Cornelius Crane -20th May 2014

Ruby Music are currently promoting Stephen Wilson,Dan Adams and Mark Adams aka The Cornelius Crane who come from East Manchester. Defining themselves as ‘Mancana, a Northern English slant on the early 70’s west coast sound of America,’ they have a 3 track Ep coming out on 2nd June.

The Ep provides a taster of a debut album due to be released in Autumn 2014. These three tracks are a mix of early Neil Young,The Flying Burrito Brothers, Buffalo Springfield, in short,Nashville colluding with a Mancunian take on life where lyrics dominate but still need the support of languid lazy drums and sleepy slide guitar.’Philistine Blues’ takes a country and blues stance with a contrast of sound and instruments,’Cage’ and ‘Oklahoma and me’ have the most intriguing lyrics evoking a past age where opportunities were endless, provided you chose wisely. Mancana is an intriguing possibility and it remains to be seen if it can be sustained over an entire album. Autumn should give us the answer.

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