The Vickers- The Dalston Victoria- 25th May 2014

The Dalston Victoria was the only British gig on this tour that The Vickers performed outside of their extensive European tour. I was able to interview them before they went on stage and they shared some thoughts.

They are here to play from their new set and sound from their latest album ‘Ghosts’ and will also include some experimental jamming. Obviously it is easier to tour Europe but next time they will try to do more in the north of Britain. They have recorded a lot in two years and took a long time experimenting, especially with guitar sounds. The album is doing well in Europe as the band have played both big venues and smaller ones like pubs. In a big venue people expect big bands, so they prefer smaller venues which are better for the band at the moment. They are aware of differences between each country they play in and are working to establish a solid base. Over the next few years they hope to be involved in medium sized festivals and to continue to write sincere, original music.

Few bands would have opened with an instrumental psychedelic soundscape let alone pull it off with the skill and panache that The Vickers did.Clear,shimmering guitar sounds introduced and then held by an urgent drum beat was a skilful way of grabbing the audience’s attention from the outset and from then on The Vickers held the audience in the palm of their hands. A small, enthusiastic audience added to a very charged atmosphere created through guitars layering a psychedelic feel over a ¬†heavier rock sound with vocals connecting the two, whilst adding dimensions of both light and depth. This is a clever fusion, creating a real honesty to their sound, as well as proving that they are more than ready to take on the demands of a festival, where this new take on psychedelic music would be welcomed.

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