“Can’t Stop or Rewind”-Chimpanbee – 24/1/2018

Chimpanbee are Ger Reid, Mike Fox, Damien O’Brien and Paul Barry , a 4 piece indie/rock band from Waterford. I last reviewed them in 2013 and am delighted to hear that their debut album “Can’t Stop or Rewind” will be released in February followed by a tour in April.

This album may have been a long time in the making (all songs were written in 2010) but it marks a point of  reflection and confidence, a summing up of the stage that Chimpanbee have reached at this moment in time. They are masters of consistency; there are echoes of psychedelia, 60s sound harmonies and the influence of bands like Oasis and Golden Earring thrown into the mix.  Yes, there is some cliche in some lyrics  and a slight vocal slip in Light it Up but what runs through the whole album is an energy that is life affirming. The lyrics show how the positive outweighs the negative experiences of life and the music underlines this, whether from the almost militaristic drumbeat of Snaakes to the delicacy of Can’t Stop or Rewind and the sheer exuberance of Fell in Love and Sleep in Your Bed. The album is worth listening to for these last two tracks alone. Don’t expect lightweight processed pop,this is an album that cries out to be played at full volume both at home and to large crowds. Parts of songs have been rerecorded a few months ago so established fans are eagerly awaiting the finished result and as for new fans – look out for dates of the tour -and have a great evening.

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