Dave Purple – The Crown and Sceptre Outer Fringe 2018


Opening any gig is often a daunting experience. It is also an important one, given that an audience has walked in off the street and it is the responsibility of the first act to set the scene for the rest of the event. It is extra daunting if you are doing this on your own, as Dave Purple did with five more bands to follow. Armed only with a guitar and harmonica, he  made a very creditable attempt. He was easy on the ear, he has a good voice and he can play- the Cream cover of ‘Spoonful’ had just the right amount of languorous expression and  in ‘Nothing Changes’,the right balance of opinion versus a political stance and where I saw glimmerings of a real passion for what he was doing.Years ago, there was a guitarist who played to five of us in a fairly big arena. He really didn’t care who was listening, provided that they did listen and that they recognised his belief in the power of words allied to music.The result was that he played as if he was headlining Glastonbury.Dave Purple has this kind of authenticity. He now needs to project that passion and belief so that an audience doesn’t just see him as an opening act but as a headliner.

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