Plush Replica- The Crown and Sceptre Outer Fringe 2018

Plush Replica are Oscar Jones,Samuel Blythe, Alex Haynes and Rainer Sewell and from the outset demonstrated a sheer sophistication and expertise rarely seen in a band this young.Three of the members finished the music course at Stroud College last year.Oscar has the perfect voice for other-worldly space rock; losing his voice simply allows him to sound like a young David Bowie. The band write songs collectively with Oscar mostly writing all the vocal melodies and the combined use of synth, guitar,keyboard, bass, drums and samplepad produces an extraordinarily rich, textured and multilayered musical experience.Add to that, a confidence and an overwhelming sense of unity demonstrated through their use of colour and costume proves that this band is most definitely one to watch and one that is surely destined for a great future.




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