Treetop Flyers- The Crown and Sceptre Outer Fringe 2018

I reviewed and interviewed the Flyers in 2010, 2011 and in 2013 when they had won the Glastonbury Festival Emerging Talent award and also released a debut album.In interviews, I tend to ask musicians where they see themselves being in 5 years time. They generally have an idea and then I never get to see the band again. Flyers are an exception due to the fact  that they came across to Stroud from London for the Outer Fringe festival and that a former Flyer lives locally.

They have developed musically and inevitably have struggled along the way in working out who they want to be and how they can achieve this.Although they come from London, they are steeped in Americana, country and blues and what has now emerged, is a band who have lost a few former members in order to include a new drummer and saxophonist to join original founders Reid,Laurie and Sam.The music has benefited from this change, resulting in a fuller, deeper sound that even flirts with dance music which seems a natural progression from the former stripped back delivery. The clever updating of some of their earlier material is a clear example of how this change works and the songs on the brand-new album are so good that my husband played the CD twice in succession based on a first hearing.There is still the same chemistry and genuine emotion in Reid’s vocals supported by the combined musical wizardry of  guitars and drums now newly overlaid with sax.This of course can open up the Flyers still further and I am happy to wonder yet again where they will be in 5 years time. For now,the band are off to the Americana Festival in Nashville in September.See their website for further dates and details.

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