Pitchtorch 20th October 2019

The Pitchtorch debut album of 8 tracks is a perfectly formed collection of enigmatic tunes.The instrumental self referencing opening track is both eerie and haunting leading into songs that contain shadows and echoes of personal experience overlaid with what could be a psychedelic exploration of the soul.The guitar work is outstanding.There are reminders of hillbilly chords; a banjo and slide guitar adding to the feel. Experimental notes and effects mimic the sound of the sea, bell like chimes, white noise.The seductive lyrics repeat and loop with images that are simple yet carefully constructed to make the listener think. ‘Every day is like a postcard’ but the shock comes with the words that tell us the vocalist is looking at it from behind.

The official video is linked to the song “Pictures Are Going Wild”showing a young woman seemingly on a journey that involves sleeping in the woods. She leaves a phone and scraps of paper behind having crossed off days in what might be a journal. She wears ordinary clothes, then a beautiful dress and then a twig like representation of stag horns worn with what looks like a gas mask. She could be every woman, all the members of the human race who are on a journey towards death or a nature goddess. The video and its music combine into a seamless whole.

Mario Evangelista, Danilo Gallo and Marco Biagiotti’s combined talents have produced a highly creative and imaginative approach to everyday experiences with a twist. It is an original approach that is sustained throughout the album and one that is very, very clever.

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